What will the wedding be like?

We have written a scenario of how a wedding at Chateau Camp del Saltre can be like. Of course everything can be adjusted to the wishes of the bride and groom! Below scenario describes a wedding of 3 nights.

Schedule: an example
Day of arrival

Bit by bit, all the guest will arrive at the chateau. One by plane, the other by car. The bridal couple (and their family) can come a day earlier to welcome everyone. Once the guest enter the drive way, they will be amazed by how beautiful the location is. Of course, the bubbles are ready for a warm welcome.

After the first drink, the guests will be guided apartments and the relax mode can be turned on. The rest of the day will be spent in the swimming pool and on the sun beds, getting to know everyone and enjoying the good atmosphere.

In the afternoon, a plate with sausages, crisps and cheese will be served and in the evening you can enjoy a tasty barbecue. When sunset arrives, the fire pits will be lit and everyone can enjoy the warmth of the fire before going to bed.


Day 2

While the birds are whistling, the baker in town is baking fresh croissants and baguettes. Having breakfast with the rising sun of enjoying a long good sleep. Today everything is possible. A tour in the area, a visit to a local French market, to the caves or renting a boat or canoe for a trip on the river. Also at the chateau there is enough of entertainment, like table tennis and petanque. In the afternoon we can enjoy a wine tasting at the wine farm of the Camp del Saltre domain.

Diner on the second day is almost as good as the diner on the day of the wedding. While everyone is seated on long tables, the best pizza baker of France wil be baking the best pizzas in his wood oven.  Big slices of pizza are shared and slowly the sun goes down. 


The wedding day

It is 9:30 am, so get up early! But do not worry, you can keep your pajamas on if you have breakfast in the morning sun. The baker provides the tastiest croissants, pain au chocolat and pain aux raissins. There is enough choice for everyone. The photographer is already present.

After breakfast the nerves begin to strike the bride and groom (and their parents). Time for the hairdresser and make-up. The guests are also getting dressed while the ceremony setting is being prepared. When it really starts at 1:30pm, the ceremonial speaker calls all guests to take a seat between the beautiful trees along the white carpet. First the groom makes his entrance, and a little later the bride follows with her father. A breathtaking moment where some tears will flow! A beautiful ceremony with lots of interaction and of course the I do's. In the courtyard at the chateau it is time to cut the cake and let the champagne flow!

It is around 4:00pm when the bride and groom leave the chateau to have the wedding shoot. Anything is possible in the most beautiful places in France. Don't you dream of photo's in the middle of the vineyards, next to the Lot river or with a beautiful French village in the background. The guests wil be entertained with table tennis and a glass of wine.

When the Bride and Groom return to the chateau, the tables are set and dinner can start. The best caterer of the region takes care of a delicious French three course menu, with only fresh ingredients and everything home made. Your guest will enjoy the menu you choose and meanwhile the DJ or band gets installed for a great party.

After dinner and a huge dessert it is time for some dancing. During the party you realize how special this weekend is. You are partying outside with the chateau beautifully lit in the background. Whenever it is time to get some sleep, we will finish the night with a sky full of beautiful floating lanterns.


Dag 4

Iedereen brak bij het ontbijt, nog nagenietend van de bruiloft. Koffie en croissantjes en natuurlijk nog wat stokbroodjes voor onderweg. Iedereen zit met een brok in z’n keel want niemand wil naar huis.


Day 4

Enjoying the last breakfast, still thinking of the great night before. Coffee and croissants and of course some baguettes on the go. Everyone has a lump in his throat because nobody wants to go home.

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